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Aug 19 at 02:09PM
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So my dad sent copies of my report cards and my sister’s report cards to his office and they sent us all these school supplies?? There’s one of those cool bendy rulers that all the cool kids had in elementary school too omg I’m in heaven

Aug 19 at 10:28AM
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My revision for this afternoon’s exam. 1 down, 7 to go

Aug 19 at 10:23AM
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Mochi Things just made my school supply obsession worse.
*not my pics, got them from the website*

Aug 19 at 02:17AM
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Columbia University

Good news: I FINALLY finished my proposal!! I’m so proud of myself for powering through that. 

The only issue is that the proposal alone took me at least 20 hours, but my project in its entirety should be around 30-40 hours… 

If a PROPOSAL alone took me that long, and I’m doing a huge project… I can’t help but wonder how much time will go into the festival. 


Oh well… I’ve done enough worrying for now. Time for some well-deserved rest. I’ll get up, print four copies of my proposal tomorrow, and finally drop them off at the front office of my school. Then I’ll rest and reward myself some before getting to work on studying and writing my essays!

this capstone proposal is so hellish oh my god

i didn’t finish last night because it’s taking so god damn long and i’m STILL working on it

this is honestly the hardest thing i’ve ever done like it’s up there with my online econ class

but at least after this all my college essays will seem ridiculously easy haha

Aug 18 at 02:06PM
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it’s 6am & i’ve been studying for the last 8 hours 📚✨

Aug 18 at 01:49PM
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Aug 18 at 01:48AM
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"How did you know what to write your common app & supplemental essay on? The questions seem so open-ended and I’m having a hard time deciding."

When I first started thinking about the common app, I was FREAKING OUT! I had no idea what to write about, so I get it. I had like a three hour meltdown session with my college counselor at school which actually really helped. With the common app, you can literally write about whatever you want.

She gave me some advice: try to think of one quality about yourself that you want to show the admissions council. It can be anything. Anything about yourself that you are really proud of, anything you like about yourself, anything that make you you, that makes you unique. Then write about that.

Initially, she had me sit down and write for 30 minutes straight. She said to think of it like an exam where you have to write an essay about one quality about yourself (“I am a __________ (kind of) person”).

When I started, I wanted to write about how I am “academic” which started out as a really shitty essay, but there were a few sentences in that original that eventually morphed into my final common app (after many, many drafts). I ended up writing about how I am curious, and passionate, and genuinely enjoy learning. More specifically, I wrote about recreational mathematics, and in particular a serious of youtube videos by ViHart.

As for supplements, it’s basically the same process. Most of them are pretty open ended to give you the option to write about whatever facet of yourself you want to share. Obviously, they are more structured, but you still have a lot of freedom (depending on the specific prompt). I wrote one essay about my evolution as a feminist that I sent to multiple schools. I used it for the “diversity” prompt from some colleges as well as “your values” essays.

Something that actually great about schools with lots of essays is that you don’t have to pick one side of yourself. You can show them different parts of you in your different essays.

Other advice:

  • Don’t try to fit in all your different interests into one essay. Keep it focused.
  • You don’t have to use all the space given, it’s a limit, not a goal. I only used about 450 words for my common app even though the limit is 650.
  • Don’t think about editing when you first start. Just pick a topic, sit down, and write. Then go back and edit. There may be something small in your original that you can focus on and flesh out. Then that becomes your new essay.
  • Don’t delete anything. Make a separate document for “deleted sections” and when you’re trying to find something to write, look there. Maybe you can use some of that writing in another essay.
Aug 18 at 01:46AM
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I’m getting a lot of work for my proposal done, but it’s a lot harder and more time-consuming than I thought it would be… looks like I’ll have to finish the last half of it tomorrow. :( 

(Time for me to set an alarm…)